In the framework of the action B.3 entitled “Slopes protection and revegetation”, the partner Confederación Hidrográfica del Segura has developed the construction project entitled “PROYECTO DE RESTAURACIÓN DE TALUDES EN EL RÍO GUADALENTÍN EN EL TÉRMINO MUNICIPAL DE LORCA (MURCIA). ACTUACIÓN B3 ENMARCADAS DENTRO DEL PROYECTO LIFE 11 ENV/ES/000506 REHABILITATION OF A HEAVY METAL CONTAMINATED RIVERBED BY PHYTOEXTRACTION TECHNIQUE, RIVERPHY”. The project will be carried out during the year 2017.

In order to carry out the hydrological-forest restoration of the slopes of the study area of the Riverphy Life Project it is considered necessary to adopt some measures aimed at recovering, conserving and improving the current characteristics of the riverbed area. The measures are listed below:

  • Surface cleaning and removal of rubbish and debris.
  • Conditioning and stabilization of unstable and/or deteriorated slopes.
  • Slopes restoration in the encounters between the slope of the earth and the existing wall of masonry.
  • Planting and maintenance of vegetation.
  • Irrigation of the planting vegetation during one year.

The project will be carried out during the year 2017.

Current status of slopes in the project area

The Segura basin is located in the southeast of the Iberian peninsula. With an area of approximately 18870 square kilometers, it includes territories belonging to four autonomous communities: Murcia, practically in its entirety and partially the Communities of Valencia, Andalucía and Castilla La Mancha.

Almost all of the Segura basin is affected by erosion and torrential phenomena, among which are soil loss, flooding, sediment trawling and deposition and reservoir siltation.

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